Real Estate

Real estate prices in Istanbul increases by 21.59 percentAccording to the Reidin House Price Index 2014, house prices in Istanbul increased by 21.59 percent in July 2014 compared to the July 2013. Prices also increased by 1.80 percent during July 2014. 

Followers of Istanbul were Adana with a 12.41 percent increase and Ankara with a 12.10 percent increase in July 2014 on a yearly basis. 

In the same period, on a monthly basis, house prices... Add a comment


Kuwaiti Gulf Cryo acquires Turkish industrial gas producer Kuwait-based gas company Gulf Cryo has announced the acquisition of Turkish industrial gas producer, Deniz Gaz. A company specializing on the production and filling of helium, oxygen, nitrogen, argon and similar gases for medical and industrial applications, Deniz Gaz has facilities in Turkey's Denizli, Izmir and Ankara provinces.

Active in 14 countries throughout the Middle East, Gulf Cryo... Add a comment


Istanbul third top European destination: MasterCard’s annual indexIstanbul has been named as the third favorite European destination of choice for international travelers after London and Paris, according MasterCard’s Target Cities Index.

With 11.6 million expected visitors for the 2014-end, Istanbul also ranks seventh across the globe, according to the list topped by London for the third time in four years with 18.37 million visitors.

Now in its fourth... Add a comment


Turkey's auto exports rise rapidly Turkey´s automotive exports bring in $11.71 billion in the first half of the year.

Turkey exported 12 percent more motor vehicles and parts in the first half of the year compared to the same period in 2013, bringing in $11.71 billion of revenue, according to data released by the Turkish Exporters' Assembly on Wednesday. 

The exporters' group said that in the first six months of this year... Add a comment

Health Care

Turkey is at 3th place in kidney transplant over the world İrfan Şencan, General Director of Health Services in Ministry of Health said that after US and France Turkey is third country on kidney transplant.

İrfan Şencan remarked organ donation is a chance for who were going to die and many people die because of cannot be found organs in time.

Şencan stated that there are 23 thousand 842 patients wait for organs for 21 thousand 39 kidneys, 2... Add a comment


Age-old dream comes true in TurkeyThe 13.5 kilometers long Marmaray line which connects to the Istanbul-Ankara high speed train is expected to ease Istanbul's traffic jams. 

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Mr. Yıldırım has said that,Everything is fine.  The inauguration of the Marmaray rail transport project in Turkey's İstanbul will open on October 29. The final preparations for the opening of... Add a comment


8 trillion dollars of  agricultural estate is new favorite for financial investors throughout the worldInvestments on agricultural estate increase. Financial investors tend towards agricultural estate to diversity their portfolios. World population is growing rapidly. Agricultural productions have to be increased to satify needs. The expected rise on agricultural production will provide increase on agricultural estate prices and offers new opportunities for those who want to diversify their... Add a comment


Education in US attracts Turkish studentsTurkish students prefer education in the US in increasing numbers to build their careers

Turkey ranks first in Europe and tenth in the world in sending students to the US. The absence of entrance exams, mobility among different departments and the advantages provided by an American degree raise the number of Turkish students in the US.

Experts who spoke to Anadolu Agency (AA) agree that... Add a comment


Turkey is ranked 4th in branding list of the worldAccording to the data announced by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Turkey has been one of the 5 countries that practiced the highest growth rate in branding, industrial design, and utility model registration. On the other side, in patent applications that quality inventions are taken under protection, it could not get ranked.

The World Intellectual Property Indicators... Add a comment

Telecom & IT

Turkish Government to decrease Turk Telekom shares to as low as 25%Turkish Minister of Finance, Mehmet Simsek announced that during the first half of 2013 they are planning to go on tender through license transfer regarding the privatization of National Lottery of Turkey; and they could also decrease public share in Turk Telecom up to 25%.

Simsek suggested that there will not be any changes in management rights on condition that the public share falls... Add a comment
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