Real Estate

Turkey’s Emlak Konut REIC sold 4.174 units in the first half of the yearEmlak Konut REIC, Turkey’s largest real estate investment company, sold 4.174 units with 1 billion 836 million 809 thousand TL worth between 1 January and 30 June 2014.

According to the statement by company to Public Disclosure Platform, company sold 1.112 units in June, including pre-sales, and total worth of these units was 462 million 380 thousand TL, VAT excluded. 

“Total 4.174... Add a comment


Turkey electricity imports from Georgia hit record highTurkey started to import around 275 megawatts of electricity from Georgia through private energy companies.

Turkey's electricity imports from Georgia will hit record highs, according to the energy sector officials.

Turkey started to import around 275 megawatts of electricity (per month) from Georgia through private energy companies as of Tuesday night, the officials said.

Turkey previously... Add a comment


Transit Courier to be sold to 46 countries Ford Otosan Chairman Ali Koc said that Transit Courier, which will be only produced in Kocaeli, Turkey, will be sold to 46 countries.

Speaking at the opening of Metinler Ford Trucks in Kayseri, Koc stated that Otosan started to do business by assembling truck in 1959. 

He said that in the Inonu factory, that has 1.1-million m2 area, over 180.000 trucks have been produced so far with... Add a comment


1.4 million visitors came to Antalya in four monthArriving tourist number to Antalya between January and April of this year has been 1 million 405 thousand 959 with 6.5 increase compared to the same period of last year.  

In the first four month of this year, 1 million 405 thousand 959 tourists came to Antalya. According to data of Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate, Antalya hosted 87 thousand 856 domestic tourist between January 1... Add a comment

Health Care

Turkey is at 3th place in kidney transplant over the world İrfan Şencan, General Director of Health Services in Ministry of Health said that after US and France Turkey is third country on kidney transplant.

İrfan Şencan remarked organ donation is a chance for who were going to die and many people die because of cannot be found organs in time.

Şencan stated that there are 23 thousand 842 patients wait for organs for 21 thousand 39 kidneys, 2... Add a comment


Result of undergraduate placement exam has increased real estate pricesResult of undergraduate placement exam has enlivened the three largest provinces of Turkey.

According to datas from, Result of undergraduate placement exam has increased real estate prices. The highest increase in prices have realized at Beyoğlu. The rental average price was 1.000 TL. It has reached 1.250 TL in a month by 25% rise. During examined period, the most expensive... Add a comment


Bridges of Istanbul have reached to a half billion TL in revenue in 7 months220 million 651 thousand 983 vehicles passed on motorways and bridges. 463 million 239 thousand 998 income acquired.

According to the General Directorate of Highways datas, 4 million 521 thousand 589 vehicles passed on motorways and bridges in July. 13 million 315 thousand 246 vehicles have paid 19 million 147 thousand 310 TL for bosphorus bridge and  fatih sultan mehmet bridge in... Add a comment


9 billion Liras support for farmersAdditional milk analysis that is amongst new supporting items, breeding buffalos, and feed crops will have support payment each year by their producers from Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock increased the number of support items that will be granted to farmers in 2013. 

In the written statement made from the... Add a comment

Telecom & IT

10% growth in communication in TurkeyInformation and Communication Technologies Authority of Turkey President, Tayfun Acarer stated that at least 10% growth is calculated in the sector for 2012; and 44 billion dollars of growth is also expected. Acarer, attending Vodafone’s innovation base, Oksijen R&D’s new center’s opening ceremony, added that Vodafone Turkey started to work like an Internet provider; and now... Add a comment


Turkish media expands global presenceTurkish media has embarked on an ambitious agenda of projecting its reach in multiple languages throughout the Balkans and in regions where Turkey has strategic interests, as the country asserts itself on the international stage. Through its media, Turkey is reinforcing a positive image, tapping into what Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has described as Turkey's "strategic depth."

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