Turkey boosts electricity production from wind energyTurkey's electricity production from wind energy posts a 15 percent increase during the first half of 2014.

Turkey's electricity production from wind energy posted a 15 percent increase during the first half of the year, according to Turkey's Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

Turkey aims to supply 30 percent of its total energy demand from renewable energy sources including wind... Add a comment

Real Estate

Real estate prices in Istanbul increases by 21.59 percentAccording to the Reidin House Price Index 2014, house prices in Istanbul increased by 21.59 percent in July 2014 compared to the July 2013. Prices also increased by 1.80 percent during July 2014. 

Followers of Istanbul were Adana with a 12.41 percent increase and Ankara with a 12.10 percent increase in July 2014 on a yearly basis. 

In the same period, on a monthly basis, house prices... Add a comment


World tourism grows 5 percent, says UNWTODemand for international tourism remained strong in the first four months of 2014 according to the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, with tourist arrivals worldwide rising by 5 percent year-on-year – the same rate as for the 2013 calendar year. 

UNWTO said that prospects for the current peak tourism season remain very positive with over 460 million tourists expected to travel abroad... Add a comment


Turkey's Karsan to sign $84 million China dealThe Turkish vehicle manufacturer hopes to open a factory in China within months.

Turkish motor manufacturer Karsan will jointly invest 62 million euros ($84 million) in a factory in China to produce the company's J10 minibus.

In a statement from Karsan on Monday to the Borsa Istanbul stock exchange, the firm said it will sign a deal with Chinese firm Wuhan Zhong that will see production of... Add a comment

Health Care

Turkish eye hospital teams up with Gulf investors Partnered by Gulf investors, the Turkish eye hospital chain, Avrupagöz, is set for strong growth with plans to open new clinics in Turkey and abroad. A 50 percent stake of the hospital chain, which currently has 14 branches throughout Turkey, has been acquired by Saudi-based Nesma Holding and Reaya Holding for TRY 52 million (approx. USD 23.6 million).

“Having acquired new partners... Add a comment


Turkish Red Crescent delivered aids in 11 countries during 2013Turkish Red Crescent delivered aids in 11 countries during 2013, Turkish Red Crescent’s Director General Ahmet Lutfi Akar said, noting that it already became one of the most powerful relief organizations in the world.

Turkish Red Crescent has delivered aids for war stricken Syria, typhoon stricken Philippines, starve stricken Somalia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, Montenegro, Palestine... Add a comment


Gross domestic R & D expenditure of Turkey reached 13 billion 62 million TLTurkish Statistical Institute has announced that, Gross domestic R & D expenditure of Turkey reached 13 billion 62 million TL by rising 17,1% compared to previous year.

According to survey results that are made on the basis of transcripts government agencies, universities, private universities and commercial sector, and the state budget and staff, Gross domestic R & D expenditure of Turkey... Add a comment


Countdown for Turkey in the race to host EXPO 2020After losing out to Milan for the 2015 bid - Izmir hopes to win the vote this time to host the World Fair

Twenty Turkish ambassadors will be lobbying hard to get EXPO 2020 for Izmir in the nine days before the vote in Paris, say according to Izmir 2020 campaign organisers.

Turkey’s energy minister, Taner Yildiz is holding a reception on Monday for EXPO 2020 nomination of Izmir, whose... Add a comment


Turkey to be on the first rank in agricultureChairman of the Board of Agricultural Insurance Pool Ramazan Kadak’ statement says, ‘’ when Turkey is on 7th rank in agriculture around the world but on the first rank amoung European Union countries.’’

He added: If there is no agricultural production, that means, no future as well. The agricultural sector depends on natural conditions, thus that is sensitive and strategic sector... Add a comment

Telecom & IT

Turkcell starts 2013 fastTurkcell that grew 13% in the first quarter aims to invest 1.7 billion Liras in 2013. During the first quarter of the year, Turkcell had put its tablet branded Turkcell and announced to produce domestic cell phone; and it carried the double-digit growth potential in 2012 to the first quarter of the year as well. Consolidated revenue of Turkcell increased 13% annually and reached 2.7 billion... Add a comment
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