Real Estate

Turkey’s Emlak Konut REIC sold 4.174 units in the first half of the yearEmlak Konut REIC, Turkey’s largest real estate investment company, sold 4.174 units with 1 billion 836 million 809 thousand TL worth between 1 January and 30 June 2014.

According to the statement by company to Public Disclosure Platform, company sold 1.112 units in June, including pre-sales, and total worth of these units was 462 million 380 thousand TL, VAT excluded. 

“Total 4.174... Add a comment


Turkey's electricity usage hits highest level of 2014Because of rising temperatures, Turkey's electricity consumption hit highest level of the year, 783,000 megawatt hours, on June 27. 

Turkey's electricity consumption reached the highest level in 2014 due to temperature rise, according to official data from the state-owned electricity company.

Turkey used 783,000 megawatt hours on June 27, according to data released by Turkey's electricity... Add a comment


Automobile market shrinks in Turkey 

A drop of 27 percent during January May 2014 comes after the Central Bank sharply increased interest rates.


The combined sales of car and light commercial vehicles in Turkey declined 26.31 percent in the first five months of the year compared to the same period last year, the Automotive Distributors Association reported on Wednesday.

Sales declined from 307,647 during the January-May... Add a comment


1.4 million visitors came to Antalya in four monthArriving tourist number to Antalya between January and April of this year has been 1 million 405 thousand 959 with 6.5 increase compared to the same period of last year.  

In the first four month of this year, 1 million 405 thousand 959 tourists came to Antalya. According to data of Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate, Antalya hosted 87 thousand 856 domestic tourist between January 1... Add a comment

Health Care

Turkey among top 10 medical tourism destinations High quality treatment options offered by Turkish medical facilities at reasonable prices continue to attract hundreds of thousands of foreign healthcare seekers. The rapid growth observed in Turkey’s medical tourism in recent years has placed the country among the top 10 healthcare destinations globally, according to advisory firm Deloitte’s 2014 Global Life Sciences Outlook.

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Gross domestic R & D expenditure of Turkey reached 13 billion 62 million TLTurkish Statistical Institute has announced that, Gross domestic R & D expenditure of Turkey reached 13 billion 62 million TL by rising 17,1% compared to previous year.

According to survey results that are made on the basis of transcripts government agencies, universities, private universities and commercial sector, and the state budget and staff, Gross domestic R & D expenditure of Turkey... Add a comment


findik-ihracati-rekorBlack Sea Hazelnut and Products Exporters' Association Chairman Oğuz Gürsoy said that, there was 301 thousand 193 tons hazelnut export from September 1 of 2012 until August 31 of 2013. So 2012-2013 hazelnut export season has completed.

He added: 301 thousand 193 tons of hazelnut exports figures are record in history of the republic of Turkey. 229 thousand 628 tons of hazelnuts had been... Add a comment


Bridges of Istanbul have reached to a half billion TL in revenue in 7 months220 million 651 thousand 983 vehicles passed on motorways and bridges. 463 million 239 thousand 998 income acquired.

According to the General Directorate of Highways datas, 4 million 521 thousand 589 vehicles passed on motorways and bridges in July. 13 million 315 thousand 246 vehicles have paid 19 million 147 thousand 310 TL for bosphorus bridge and  fatih sultan mehmet bridge in... Add a comment

Telecom & IT

Turkcell starts 2013 fastTurkcell that grew 13% in the first quarter aims to invest 1.7 billion Liras in 2013. During the first quarter of the year, Turkcell had put its tablet branded Turkcell and announced to produce domestic cell phone; and it carried the double-digit growth potential in 2012 to the first quarter of the year as well. Consolidated revenue of Turkcell increased 13% annually and reached 2.7 billion... Add a comment


Turkish TV Series Draw Visitors to Turkey from Arab countriesWaheed Samy, the general manager of the Egypt-based Memphis Tours, said that the number of tourists his company sends to Turkey has been growing every day. Samy, who was attending a tourism meeting organized by East Marmara Development Agency at Sakarya, said that Turkey has vast tourism potential. “Turkey is a country that is favored not only by Egypt, but by all Arab countries. Arab... Add a comment
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