Istanbul third top European destination: MasterCard’s annual indexIstanbul has been named as the third favorite European destination of choice for international travelers after London and Paris, according MasterCard’s Target Cities Index.

With 11.6 million expected visitors for the 2014-end, Istanbul also ranks seventh across the globe, according to the list topped by London for the third time in four years with 18.37 million visitors.

Now in its fourth... Add a comment


Turkey's auto exports rise rapidly Turkey´s automotive exports bring in $11.71 billion in the first half of the year.

Turkey exported 12 percent more motor vehicles and parts in the first half of the year compared to the same period in 2013, bringing in $11.71 billion of revenue, according to data released by the Turkish Exporters' Assembly on Wednesday. 

The exporters' group said that in the first six months of this year... Add a comment

Health Care

Turkish eye hospital teams up with Gulf investors Partnered by Gulf investors, the Turkish eye hospital chain, Avrupagöz, is set for strong growth with plans to open new clinics in Turkey and abroad. A 50 percent stake of the hospital chain, which currently has 14 branches throughout Turkey, has been acquired by Saudi-based Nesma Holding and Reaya Holding for TRY 52 million (approx. USD 23.6 million).

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Gross domestic R & D expenditure of Turkey reached 13 billion 62 million TLTurkish Statistical Institute has announced that, Gross domestic R & D expenditure of Turkey reached 13 billion 62 million TL by rising 17,1% compared to previous year.

According to survey results that are made on the basis of transcripts government agencies, universities, private universities and commercial sector, and the state budget and staff, Gross domestic R & D expenditure of Turkey... Add a comment


The Project of the Century ‘Marmaray’ comes true in İstanbulThe Project of the century Marmaray will come on stream on October 29. The slogan of the Project, dreams come true, 2 continents in 4 minutes and one million passengers per day. The Marmaray Project connecting the Asian and European sides of İstanbul through railway tunnel connection under the Istanbul Strait will be opened on October 29, the 90th anniversary of the Turkish Republic's... Add a comment


8 trillion dollars of  agricultural estate is new favorite for financial investors throughout the worldInvestments on agricultural estate increase. Financial investors tend towards agricultural estate to diversity their portfolios. World population is growing rapidly. Agricultural productions have to be increased to satify needs. The expected rise on agricultural production will provide increase on agricultural estate prices and offers new opportunities for those who want to diversify their... Add a comment

Telecom & IT

Turkcell starts 2013 fastTurkcell that grew 13% in the first quarter aims to invest 1.7 billion Liras in 2013. During the first quarter of the year, Turkcell had put its tablet branded Turkcell and announced to produce domestic cell phone; and it carried the double-digit growth potential in 2012 to the first quarter of the year as well. Consolidated revenue of Turkcell increased 13% annually and reached 2.7 billion... Add a comment


Turkish TV Series Draw Visitors to Turkey from Arab countriesWaheed Samy, the general manager of the Egypt-based Memphis Tours, said that the number of tourists his company sends to Turkey has been growing every day. Samy, who was attending a tourism meeting organized by East Marmara Development Agency at Sakarya, said that Turkey has vast tourism potential. “Turkey is a country that is favored not only by Egypt, but by all Arab countries. Arab... Add a comment

Real Estate

Construction material exports exceed $2 billion Export of building materials exceeded $2 billion for the first time in 2014 May. Sector's export was $2.04 billion, while annual export was $21.78 billion. 

Association of Turkish Construction Material Producers (İMSAD) released “Construction Sector and Construction Material Industry, 2014 July Sector Report”.

According to the report, production and exports of construction materials... Add a comment


Turkey to receive $12 billion for coal investmentCompanies from Qatar, South Korea and China are competing for the purchase of the coal plant, energy officials told on Thursday.

Foreign energy companies are keen on investing in one of Turkey's largest coal deposits in the Afsin Elbistan region in the south eastern part of the country, according to energy officials.

With a $12 billion investment, three additional thermal coal plants are to... Add a comment
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