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Kuveyt Türk has been the sector leader in housing financeAccording to the official data of June, Kuveyt Türk is ranked as the first in the sector with its housing finance growth rate. Kuveyt Türk is also ranked as first with fund utilization rate, among other participation banks, while it was third among all banks. 

In the statement by Kuveyt Türk, Mehmet Oral, Executive Vice President - Retail and Business Banking, said that according to the... Add a comment


Turkey's nuclear projects to exceed $70 billionTurkey aims to build three nuclear power plants in its bid to diversify its energy sources.

Total cost of Turkey's nuclear power plant projects will exceed $70 billion by 2023, Turkish parliament's energy sub-commission head Halil Mazicioglu said on Tuesday.

"Our goal is to have both Akkuyu and Sinop nuclear power plants to be operational and a third one to be under construction by 2023,"... Add a comment


Turkey's auto exports rise rapidly Turkey´s automotive exports bring in $11.71 billion in the first half of the year.

Turkey exported 12 percent more motor vehicles and parts in the first half of the year compared to the same period in 2013, bringing in $11.71 billion of revenue, according to data released by the Turkish Exporters' Assembly on Wednesday. 

The exporters' group said that in the first six months of this year... Add a comment


1403523311404President of country's largest travel agency association says 43 million tourists expected to visit Turkey this year.

Tourists visiting Turkey are expected to spend $35 billion in 2014, the president of the country's largest travel agency association has said.

Basaran Ulusoy, President of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB), said on Monday that the organization expected an... Add a comment

Health Care

Turkey's war on iconic waterpipeWidely regarded as a symbol of Turkish culture, the shisha (or 'nargile' in Turkish) is now the unwelcome star of a graphic campaign to get people to kick the habit.

Turkey is a country proud of its cultural traditions – its cities of soaring mosques and Ottoman architecture are a proven draw for tourists – but now the country is waging war on one of its most iconic symbols: the... Add a comment

Telecom & IT

Tech firms to donate millions to ease Heartbleed vulnerabilityThe world's biggest technology companies have agreed to lend financial support to a group meant to assist open-source software projects. Donations will also come in handy in the fight against the Heartbleed bug. About a dozen large tech firms across the globe agreed Thursday to donate millions of dollars.

The world's biggest technology companies have agreed to lend financial support to a... Add a comment


Foreign students flood to TurkeyThe latest statistics show the number of foreign students attending schools in Turkey rose to 54,000 from 31,170 in the past decade. 

Turkmenistan stands out among countries with highest number of students attending Turkish schools. Turkey's rise in the region as an economically and politically stable country and the improvement of education quality at universities contributed to the... Add a comment


Turkish Red Crescent delivered aids in 11 countries during 2013Turkish Red Crescent delivered aids in 11 countries during 2013, Turkish Red Crescent’s Director General Ahmet Lutfi Akar said, noting that it already became one of the most powerful relief organizations in the world.

Turkish Red Crescent has delivered aids for war stricken Syria, typhoon stricken Philippines, starve stricken Somalia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, Montenegro, Palestine... Add a comment


8 trillion dollars of  agricultural estate is new favorite for financial investors throughout the worldInvestments on agricultural estate increase. Financial investors tend towards agricultural estate to diversity their portfolios. World population is growing rapidly. Agricultural productions have to be increased to satify needs. The expected rise on agricultural production will provide increase on agricultural estate prices and offers new opportunities for those who want to diversify their... Add a comment


Turkey is ranked 4th in branding list of the worldAccording to the data announced by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Turkey has been one of the 5 countries that practiced the highest growth rate in branding, industrial design, and utility model registration. On the other side, in patent applications that quality inventions are taken under protection, it could not get ranked.

The World Intellectual Property Indicators... Add a comment
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