Real Estate

Rental value increased in Istanbul, Izmir and AnkaraReal estate sector in Istanbul is active in each period. Most of rental increases was in Gaziosmanpaşa, Kadıköy and Beşiktaş districts of Istanbul. 

With the effect of wedding season, serious rental value increases are in question in IStanbul, Ankara and Izmir, which are the three largest cities of Turkey. 

Hakan Erilkun, General Manager of Altın Emlak (real estate agency company)... Add a comment


Oil flow stops from Iraq, says Turkey's energy ministerTurkey will continue to sell petroleum products and refined benzine to Iraq says minister Yildiz.

Crude oil flow stopped temporary fom the northern Iraqi regional government as the storage capacity was full in Turkey's Ceyhan port, energy minister Taner Yildiz said Monday.

The total storage capacity of Ceyhan is about 2.5 million barrels. Turkey has transferred nearly 4 million barrels of... Add a comment


Ford commissions second engine test facility in Turkey Ford Otosan, the joint venture between Ford Motor Company of USA and Turkey’s Koc Holding, has commissioned a new engine test facility at its Inonu plant in the Central Anatolian province of Eskisehir. 

The first of its kind in Turkey, the facility will handle heavy engines of over 13 liters of capacity and will play a vital role in the design, development and endurance testing of the... Add a comment


1403523311404President of country's largest travel agency association says 43 million tourists expected to visit Turkey this year.

Tourists visiting Turkey are expected to spend $35 billion in 2014, the president of the country's largest travel agency association has said.

Basaran Ulusoy, President of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB), said on Monday that the organization expected an... Add a comment

Telecom & IT

Apple buys Beats Music & Electronics for $3 BillionApple is striking a new chord with a $3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics, a headphone and music streaming specialist that also brings the swagger of rapper Dr. Dre and recording impresario Jimmy Iovine.

Wednesday’s announcement comes nearly three weeks after deal negotiations were leaked to the media. It’s by far the most expensive acquisition in Apple’s 38-year history, a... Add a comment

Health Care

Turkey's war on iconic waterpipeWidely regarded as a symbol of Turkish culture, the shisha (or 'nargile' in Turkish) is now the unwelcome star of a graphic campaign to get people to kick the habit.

Turkey is a country proud of its cultural traditions – its cities of soaring mosques and Ottoman architecture are a proven draw for tourists – but now the country is waging war on one of its most iconic symbols: the... Add a comment


4000 Turkish students apply for nuclear engineering course4000 Turkish students applied for nuclear engineering courses in Russia.

More than 4000 Turkish students applied for 100 places on nuclear engineering courses in Russia, a manager at Turkey's Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant said.

After graduation the students will have a chance to work at Turkey's first power plant at Akkuyu, which a Russian company is helping to build. Turkey has already sent... Add a comment


Turkish Red Crescent delivered aids in 11 countries during 2013Turkish Red Crescent delivered aids in 11 countries during 2013, Turkish Red Crescent’s Director General Ahmet Lutfi Akar said, noting that it already became one of the most powerful relief organizations in the world.

Turkish Red Crescent has delivered aids for war stricken Syria, typhoon stricken Philippines, starve stricken Somalia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, Montenegro, Palestine... Add a comment


Turkey to be on the first rank in agricultureChairman of the Board of Agricultural Insurance Pool Ramazan Kadak’ statement says, ‘’ when Turkey is on 7th rank in agriculture around the world but on the first rank amoung European Union countries.’’

He added: If there is no agricultural production, that means, no future as well. The agricultural sector depends on natural conditions, thus that is sensitive and strategic sector... Add a comment


Turkey to be candidate 2022 Golf TournamentAfter achieved success in Turkish Airlines Open 2013 Golf Tournament that was held at Antalya in the previous week. So Turkey will make an offer for the 2022 Ryder Cup to be held in Turkey. 

Turkey Golf Federation President Ahmet Ağaoğlu said that, we will make an offer to be held of the European Tour's final series in Turkey, this offer should be seen as important point for the 2022... Add a comment
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