Real Estate

Kuveyt Türk has been the sector leader in housing financeAccording to the official data of June, Kuveyt Türk is ranked as the first in the sector with its housing finance growth rate. Kuveyt Türk is also ranked as first with fund utilization rate, among other participation banks, while it was third among all banks. 

In the statement by Kuveyt Türk, Mehmet Oral, Executive Vice President - Retail and Business Banking, said that according to the... Add a comment


Kurds' account of selling Kirkuk oilKurdish Regional Government's new plan to increase oil exports by 280,000 barrels per day may imply the selling of disputed Kirkuk oil, say experts.

Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq's north claims it will increase oil exports to Turkey from 120,000 barrels per day to 400,000 by the year's end, however experts believe this hints at their bid to export disputed Kirkuk oil, which is in... Add a comment


Anatolia draws investors and tourists’ attention Anatolia Tourism Operators Association (ATID) president Seçim Aydın said that attention of tourists to Anatolia, which has rich history and cultural background, has recently increased.  

“While Turkey’s overall tourism growth is average 10-12 percent, average growth rate of tourism in Anatolia is 15 percent. Figures show that Anatolia’s growth rate is more than Turkey.” 

Aydın... Add a comment


Turkey's Karsan to sign $84 million China dealThe Turkish vehicle manufacturer hopes to open a factory in China within months.

Turkish motor manufacturer Karsan will jointly invest 62 million euros ($84 million) in a factory in China to produce the company's J10 minibus.

In a statement from Karsan on Monday to the Borsa Istanbul stock exchange, the firm said it will sign a deal with Chinese firm Wuhan Zhong that will see production of... Add a comment

Telecom & IT

Total investment to communications sector 1bln TL in Q1Turkey’s Information and Communications Technologies Authority  Chairman Tayfun Acarer stated that the total investment to the communications sector in the first quarter of the year was 1 billion TL and the total revenue was 8.3 billion TL. 

Acarer evaluated the developments on communications sector. He expressed that mobile network operators made the 60 percent of investment and the 57... Add a comment

Health Care

WHO: tax increases in tobacco can save 11 million lives 

World Health Organization estimates a serious increase in taxes can save 11 milllion lives in three years.

The World Health Organization urged governments to increase taxes on tobacco products, claiming that a 50 percent increase would save 11 million lives within 3 years.

Prior to "World No Tobacco Day" on the 31 May, the health organization stressed that, in addition to lost lives... Add a comment


Turkish, Arab Universities convene in TurkeyAcademics from 140 universities will discuss how to improve the current situation of Arab and Turkish universities.

The first Turkish-Arab Congress on Higher Education started on Saturday in Istanbul to seek cooperation in the field of higher education between the universities of Turkey and the Arab world.

Secretary-general of the congress, Orhan Alimoglu, said one of the goals of the... Add a comment


Operational leasing gaining popularity in TurkeyThe growing awareness in Turkey of the advantages of operational leasing is attracting new customers and growing the market.

According to the “operational leasing sector report in Turkey” by Turkish Short and Long Term Automotive Rental Association, the total number of operational leasing vehicles in Turkey reached 207,000 in 2013 an increase of 37,000 from 2012.

New vehicle sales to... Add a comment


Agriculture and food exports of Turkey increased by 5,3%Chairman of Turkey Union of Chambers of Agriculture Şemsi Bayraktar said that while agricultural and food exports in October increased by 5,3% compared to previous year same period, imports decreased by 8%.

He added: the exports of agriculture and food in last 10 months increased by 10,1% compared previous year same period. Also imports increased by 3,5%. The most export was performed by... Add a comment


Countdown for Turkey in the race to host EXPO 2020After losing out to Milan for the 2015 bid - Izmir hopes to win the vote this time to host the World Fair

Twenty Turkish ambassadors will be lobbying hard to get EXPO 2020 for Izmir in the nine days before the vote in Paris, say according to Izmir 2020 campaign organisers.

Turkey’s energy minister, Taner Yildiz is holding a reception on Monday for EXPO 2020 nomination of Izmir, whose... Add a comment
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