Investors continue to come to Turkey

Burgard, the CEO of the world’s largest parking lot operators Vinci states, “our money is ready for TAV, We are not limiting ourselves on investments in Turkey.”

Turkey's Airport operators, TAV are in demand by France's Vinci.

Vinci, the world's largest highway and parking lot operators, have not only set their sights on TAV, as they are also showing interest in İSPARK and the Bosphorus' third bridge. Vinci Concession CEO Louis-Roch Burgar explains that they have not determined a limit for their investment interests in Turkey and referred to TAV as being, "A very appealing and exciting project. Our money is ready," states Burgar."What matters is how fast TAV wants to act."

With 37 billion euros in revenue and two billion euros of net profit, 63.8 percent of Vinci's turnover comes from France. With this being the case, it is understandable why Vinci, which has become trapped in an economically ill Europe, has intentions to use other resources such as Turkey, India and Africa. Burgard emphasizes that they have no limit when it comes to investing in Turkey and they plan to take advantage of the opportunities available.


CEO Burgard expresses that they are not planning to purchase all of TAV, and are hoping to continue on as a shareholder and adds; "We believe that with TAV, we can do businesses with third countries." Vinci's plans are certainly not limited to TAV however. "We have two billion euro profit. Yet, we are not limited to this figure. We have the capacity to create six billion dollars as additional resources. There is no limit on our investments in Turkey. We are open to opportunities and are interested in TAV, highway operations and parking lots."

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