The investment target of 2012 is 38 billion liras

A total of 38 billion 168.7 million pounds investment with 2 thousand 622 projects is expected in 2012. The investment program for 2012 prepared in accordance with the objectives envisaged in the Ninth Development Plan, 2012-2014 Medium-Term Program and Program for the year of 2012 was published in the Official Gazette. Investment program foresees to spend 38 billion 168.7 million liras this year for 2 thousand 622 projects. This amount of investment will be covered from the equity with 1 billion 344.8 million liras and from the loan with 4 billion 344.8 million liras.

Out of investment expenditures, 649.3 million liras for the study of the project, 27 billion 382 million liras for ongoing projects will be consumed and 10 billion 137.4 million liras will go to the new projects.

The total amount to spend on the currently invested 2 thousand 622 projects is estimated as 361 billion 955.9 million liras.

When looking at the distribution of the projects, we see 694 projects for education, 573 projects in the social field, 420 projects in the transportation-communications and 290 projects in agriculture are carried out.

The biggest investment on the basis of quantity this year is transport and communications with 12 billion 31.2 million liras. This figure is succeeded by education with 5 billion 907.2 million and by agricultural projects with 5 billion 528.5 million liras.

550 million liras allocated from the budget of the Ministry of Finance (KOYDES) to support the infrastructure of the villages and 500 million liras allocated for the Water, Sewerage and Infrastructure Project (SUKAP) are included in totals of investment program.

Investment and Development


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