Turkey's foreign trade volume as 289.5 billion dollars

Turkish Minister for Customs and Trade, Hayati Yazici states that 176.5 billion dollars of import, and 113 billion dollars of export; and thus, 289.5 billion dollars of total foreign trade volume by September, 2012. Yazici presented in Grand National Assembly of Turkey ‘s Plan and Budget Committee regarding the 2013 budget of Turkey, and he said that Turkish Ministry for Customs and Trade aims to make Turkey one of the countries in which trade is realized most easily and safely in the world with its new structure.

During the first 6 months’ period of 2012, the transactions of 72% of the customs declarations that are transacted in import are completed within 24 hours, and the goods become deliverable right away in the process.

Yazici also stated that this ratio is 51% for declarations that are subject to physical control; 73% for declarations that are subject to document control; and 89% for declarations transacted in simplified procedure.  As of the same period, the procedures of 76% of export declarations were completed within the first half an hour. In overall, 96% of export declarations were completed within 24 hours in Turkey. 

During the 10 months’ period of this year, there have been 2 million 300 Lorries, 2 million 214 thousand 729 automobiles, 3 million 195 thousand 251 containers, and 1 million 386 thousand 505 other vehicles, as a total of 8 million 797 thousand 785 vehicles, entrance and exit procedures made at the customs gates in Turkey in 2012, the Minister stated. He added that the number of passengers entering and exiting from Turkey is 71 million 907 thousand 263. As of September, 2012, 176.5 billion dollars of import, and 113 billion dollars of export was realized, as being equal to total 289.5 billion dollars of foreign trade volume in Turkey.

Yazici also stated that the fight against smuggled tea and cigarettes continues actively in Turkey. 


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