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Culture & Art

Historical Ottoman palace reopens as a museum 

Resided in by Ottoman crown princes the Dolmabahce palace is now home to paintings representing 'Late Ottoman Life.'

Once the residence of Ottoman crown princes, including the last caliph Sultan Abdulmajid, the Dolmabahce Palace in the Besiktas district of Istanbul is now a museum displaying paintings from artists around the world, including Italian artists Fausto Zonaro and Luigi... Add a comment

Culture & Art

David Helfgott set to visit Istanbul againOne of the most talented pianists of the century, David Helfgott will come back to Turkey for a concert on at the Istanbul Congress Center April 15

One of the world’s most important pianists Australian David Helfgott, the inspiration behind the Oscar-winning 1996 film “Shine,” will come to Turkey within the scope of his last world tour. 

With the main sponsorship from Yapı Kredi and... Add a comment

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Turkey’s underwater richness comes to lightThe Underwater Archaeology team of the Selçuk University (SU) has been discovering Turkey’s underwater qualities during its work, which have been continuing for 15 years with the permission of the Culture and Tourism Ministry. The university is located in the central Anatolian province of Konya with no coast. 

The team is now preparing to crown these works with the underwater research... Add a comment

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Russian trade leader praises TurkeySergei Katyrin, Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RF CCI) President expresses his country's desire to further trade relations between Turkey and Russia, ruling out the negative effects of Crimea crisis during a business forum held in Istanbul.

Facilities built by Turkish contractors for the Sochi Winter Olympics were very important for the success of the Olympics, said... Add a comment

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Istanbul Toy Museum tells history via language of toysThe first major museum in Turkey dedicated to toys has recently added to its collection a toy, which was produced in the United States in 1914 as a single toy for Charlie Chaplin's "The Tramp" character.

The Turkish poet and author Sunay Akin has an unusual passion -- collecting toys from around the world.

Over time, his collection grew so large that his house did not have enough room to... Add a comment

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Countdown starts to Istanbul Film FestivalOrganized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV), the 10th Istanbul Film Festival will take place between April 5 and 20 this year. The program of events was announced at a press conference March 5. The festival will show over 200 films in over 20 categories, as well as panels, workshops, and master classes with expert film makers for two full weeks.

Besides the festival’s... Add a comment

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Magic world of puppets to pull İzmir's stringsThe 8th İzmir International Puppet Days, considered one of the largest puppet festivals in Europe, opened. This year, 40 puppet theater groups will perform 42 shows in 27 different venues in 147 separate events as part of the festival program. 

Six exhibitions from different countries will also host art-lovers, while Argentinean, Irish, Israeli and Canadian artists will hold four workshops... Add a comment

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altGlobal Agency's CEO: "Selling the drama 'Thousand and One Nights' was a hard process to persuade Bulgaria. The channel's ratings increased fourfold and its officials thanked me"

"Turkish TV series' success abroad from Middle East to Balkans, from eastern Europe to lately Latin America first started with a Turkish drama called 'Binbir Gece (Thousand and One Nights)' five years ago, whose plot... Add a comment

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Turkey 6th most popular tourist destinationThe number of tourists visiting from the US increased by 6.5 percent last year.

Turkey became the world's sixth most popular tourist destination, visited by 35 million foreign tourists in 2013, according to the Office of the Turkish Culture and Tourism Information Attache in New York City.

It also said that the number of tourists visiting from the US increased by 6.5 percent last... Add a comment

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Alpaca camels were brought to TurkeyTurkish businessman Yüksel Çiftçi brought 9 Alpaca camels to Turkey to be raised as part of a project.

Nine Alpaca camels, which are known as most quality to produce wool, were brought to Turkey from Australia as part of a project.

Alpacas were brought to İstanbul from Sydney with a 23-hour journey, and they were welcomed by businessman Yüksel Çiftçi, Global Alpaca Company’s owner... Add a comment

Culture & Art

19th Istanbul Theatre Festival to show 100 performances 

19th Istanbul Theatre Festival will bring theatre lovers close to 100 performances by seven foreign and thirty five Turkish companies throughout the city between May 9-June 5.

The 19th Istanbul Theatre Festival will take place between May 9 and June 5 with a hundred performances announced on Monday in Istanbul’s Rahmi Koc Museum, Turkey.

Under the title 'New Wave', the Istanbul Theatre... Add a comment
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